XAML in Xamarin.Forms 基礎篇 電子書



想要進階提升您的 Xamarin.Froms 開發能力與實力嗎?

那您一定不能錯過 Charles Petzold 大師著作的 Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms 一書,共有1200頁以上內容,最重要的是,這本書完全免費,真是佛心來也。

Chapter 1. How Does Xamarin.Forms Fit In?
Chapter 2. Anatomy of an App
Chapter 3. Deeper into Text
Chapter 4. Scrolling the Stack
Chapter 5. Dealing with Sizes
Chapter 6. Button Clicks
Chapter 7. XAML vs. Code
Chapter 8. Code and XAML in Harmony
Chapter 9. Platform-Specific API Calls
Chapter 10. XAML Markup Extensions
Chapter 11. The Bindable Infrastructure
Chapter 12. Styles
Chapter 13. Bitmaps
Chapter 14. Absolute Layout
Chapter 15. The Interactive Interface
Chapter 16. Data Binding
Chapter 17. Mastering the Grid
Chapter 18. MVVM
Chapter 19. Collection Views
Chapter 20. Async and File I/O
Chapter 21. Transforms
Chapter 22. Animation
Chapter 23. Triggers and Behaviors
Chapter 24. Page Navigation
Chapter 25. Page Varieties
Chapter 26. Custom Layouts
Chapter 27. Custom renderers
Chapter 28. Location and Maps